Tuesday, January 6, 2015

MLK Citywide Celebration Scheduled

In honor of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., The MLK Planning Committee, the City of Longview, and other community sponsors present the annual MLK Citywide Celebration.

Events planned are leading up to Monday, January 16.

Under the theme, “The Dream, From the Community to the World,” several events have been planned including a banquet, essay contest, art contest, jazz concert, parade, festival, humanitarian celebration, worship service, and a memorial march.

According to Community Services Coordinator Dietrich Johnson, “As, always, the City of Longview is excited to be a part of this significant celebration. These events coming together are great examples of Dr. King’s legacy.  The diverse group of volunteers from throughout the community working together to make it all happen hand in hand.”

To register for the MLK Parade, please contact the Broughton Recreation Center at 903-237-1276.

For more information
Contact:  Dietrich Johnson

The Unity Banquet and Ruby Canida Banquet 2015

The Unity Awards and the Ruby Canida Banquet still have complimentary tickets available for any of you Longview NAACP members, that wish to attend.

The Unity Awards is January 29th at 11:30 am and Ruby Canida Banquet is  January 30th at 7:00 pm respectively.

Young Dreamers

Join the Longview NAACP, at the annual Young Dreamers Banquet on January 9th a 7:00 pm in the Summit Club. This is the entity of which we donated a large sum for scholarship funding to young men. Having a large membership participation would show support for these young scholars.

Tickets are available for $25 just contact Barbara Scott at bscott9310@aol.com.

Movie Time: Selma

The Longview NAACP Unit would like to support the movie SELMA, by attending the 4:15 PM Matinee - Sat., Jan. 10th @ Regal Longview Stadium 14 Theatre  - 3070 N. Eastman Road.

Please Come out and Join us!

Meet afterwards at Cheddars for a bite & discussion!

4:15 PM
Adult Matinee $8.00     Senior….…$7.50     Child….…$7.00 

Selma is directed by Ava DuVernay and written by Paul Webb. Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 legally desegregated the South, discrimination was still rampant in certain areas, making it very difficult for blacks to register to vote. In 1965, the Alabama city became the battleground in the fight for suffrage. In 1965, despite violent opposition, voting rights marches were led by James Bevel, Hosea Williams, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. of SCLC and John Lewis of SNCC from Selma to Montgomery The film stars David Oyelowo as King, Tom Wilkinson as President Lyndon Johnson, Common as Bevel, and Carmen Ejogo as Coretta Scott King.

Selma has garnered four Golden Globe Award nominations, including Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Director.

•           David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King, Jr.               •           Oprah Winfrey as Annie Lee Cooper
•           Tom Wilkinson as Lyndon B. Johnson                      •           Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Fred Gray
•           Tim Roth as George Wallace                                      •           Niecy Nash as Richie Jean Jackson
•           Common as James Bevel                                            •           Wendell Pierce as Hosea Williams
•           Carmen Ejogo as Coretta Scott King                         •           Ledisi as Mahalia Jackson
•           Lorraine Toussaint as Amelia Boynton Robinson   •           Martin Sheen as Frank Minis Johnson

Marcia Shivers-Johnson
Longview NAACP Community Coordinator