Sunday, September 23, 2012

Honor an Educator Today!

Texas Educators Deserve Recognition—Honor an Educator Today!

Texas AFT has joined in a new campaign to honor Texas educators,
spearheaded by the Texas PTA, and we encourage you to take part
yourself and spread the word to family, friends, and all who care about
the work Texas educators do for the schoolchildren of our state.

Last week the Texas PTA and allied organizations launched a 180-day
marathon to recognize as many Texas educators as possible.
Representatives of the various groups, including Texas AFT President
Linda Bridges and Secretary-Treasurer Louis Malfaro, joined in a rally
marking the occasion on September 12 on the steps of the Texas capitol.

The goal is to have 100,000 teachers recognized in 180 days—the length
of the current instructional year. The Texas PTA sees it as a great way for
parents and students to say “thank you” to their educators for their hard work
and dedication, especially in light of the budget cuts that have swelled class
sizes and left them with fewer resources in the classroom.

Leslie Boggs, first vice-president of the Texas PTA, reminded participants at
the capitol rally that teachers often “go and dip into their own pockets” to make
up for shortfalls in the supplies their students need. That’s just one small
example of the lengths educators go to in the effort to make a difference in
the lives of their students.

The Texas PTA’s educator-recognition project gives Texans the opportunity
to recognize a teacher, librarian, or other educator with a tribute that will be
posted on the project’s Web site, Already posted there
are nearly a thousand tributes to individual educators from Texans who know
how much the success of Texas students is due to the educators in this great state.

Invited to come up with a one-word description of their nominee, Texans have
offered a whole catalogue of heartfelt words of appreciation, including:  visionary,
caring, inspiring, dedicated, passionate, loving, innovative, insightful, patient,
trustworthy, engaging, devoted, selfless, thoughtful, imaginative, magical, tireless,
tenacious, nurturing, dynamic, brilliant, determined, supportive…and life-altering.

Encourage everyone you know to visit the Web site at
and to nominate an educator today!

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